Dog Parks are trending Nationwide!

        Did you know that ‪#‎DogParks‬ lead the growth in U.S city parks? There was a 6% increase in number of dog parks in the US over the past year, and a 20% increase over the past 5 years! Many cities’ creation of their dog parks have been…

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Homes for Sale: The Appearance of Money

Isn’t it crazy how differently money translates from one state to another? Home prices are one of the best illustrations of how differently a dollar spends across the U.S. Here are two articles from March alone demonstrating that the same amount of money looks different, depending on where you stand…

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The Social Media Hierarchy

B2B rubix cube

Do you ever hear, “to succeed at your real estate business you need to be doing social media?” And then do you feel a little overwhelmed when you put up a Facebook Page, get yourself a Twitter account, make a Google+ Page, etc. and think, “what now?” Well, it doesn’t…

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5 Areas for Real Estate Agents to Focus on in 2014

real estate focus

Did you know that 95% of home buyers start their search online? Well, are you there for them to find you? Real estate marketing continues to move toward online and mobile mediums. It’s obvious why, since that’s where the buyers are. Real estate marketing has transformed from flyers, magazines, newspapers…

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