Welcome to our Blog!

This is the official blog for CirclePix .com, LLC. Its purpose is to enhance the experience of our clients with links to educational resources, videos on recently-released marketing tools, and useful content to read, share, or ignore completely! To those who aren't our clients, this blog can hopefully provide some insight as to who we are and what we're about. At the very least, you'll stumble across an interesting article, or a YouTube video with awkward body language to laugh about. We encourage everyone to contact us through our blog via comment boxes- you WILL receive a response, generally within 24 hours. So, take a look around, and please let us know what you would like more of. Thanks for stopping by!

What are we focusing on in 2015?

At CirclePix, there are so many small details we pay attention to in the larger scheme of things. This year, we are releasing several exciting tools, updates, and improvements that were developed and tested throughout 2014. However, for everything we release there is a crucial need to educate our clients so they can effectively utilize our services to enhance their marketing. So, this is the Year of Education- for not only our clients, but for us as well. We are striving to learn what our clients need from us in order to fully harness the power of our marketing tools!

Video Gallery

Below are a few videos, each of which is an explanation for a tool, update, or aspect of our STAR Marketing program. You can view all of our cool videos by clicking the YouTube icon above. If you are looking for specifics on what we do, these videos are the best way to shed some light on exactly what we do for our clients!
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